Zoë Irvine
DIAL-A-DIVA performance schedule Sep 8th 2007


Central Europe Time Local Time Diva/Location Performance Detail
9:00 19:00 Michele Morgan,
Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand
Michele will sing a selection of original songs and also started off the first DIAL-A-DIVA in 2005
9:10 19:10 Sol Harris,
Waiheke Island, New Zealand
Sol Harris Writer / performer Acoustic guitar Vocals Percussion >> more info
9:25 17:25 plander,
brisbane australia
>> more info
9:35 17:35 Maryen Cairns, >>listen
Sydney Queensland, Australia
Maryen Cairns, singer/songwriter, playing a couple of her songs, on piano, from her eco-friendly house on top of a mountain in SE Queensland surrounded by worldheritage listed rainforest. >> more info>> more info
9:45 17:45 Elissa Hawke,
Sydney Queensland, Australia
Part wood nymph, philosopher, poet, and songstress, Elissa Hawke is an original thinker and songwriter whose earthy wistful lullabies soothe the soul >> more info
10:00 18:00 Paola del Rio (portal window),
Melbourne, Australia
Paola will play accompanied by her true loves - her nylon guitar and keyboard. She will perform a couple of songs written during her travels and a few from her next release. >> more info
10:15 17:45 Blastcorp,
darwin, NT, australia
blastcorp is kris keogh. he lives in darwin, australia. he makes beats and bleeps and then sings songs to them. his music is half electronic, half acoustic. his songs are all about girls. he plays guitar, reaktor, protools, live, gamelan and sampler. >> more info
10:30 18:00 The Beat,
darwin, NT, australia
10:40 16:40 Joe Bludge,
Perth, Australia
10:55 20:55 Welcome Aboard,
Auckland, New Zealand
11:05 17:05 Fall Electric,
Perth, Australia
Fall Electric is a storm of acoustic music which Lyrically focuses on philosophic inquiries, ironies within romance, the nature of admitting human weakness, and other enjoyable yet unsolvable topics. >> more info
11:20 16:20 Dice,
Indonesia / jakarta
11:25 17:25 The Lonely Brothers,
Perth, WA, Australia
The Lonely Brothers are three girls (don't ask) from Albany >> more info
11:40 17:40 Airport City Shuffle,
Perth, WA, Australia
>> more info
11:55 17:55 Dickson Dee,
Hong Kong, China
sounds from Beijing & Hong Kong by Dickson Dee (aka Li Chin Sung, Dj Dee, PNF). Dickson Dee is a Hong Kong experimental music artist,sound artists and turntablist with a wide range of creative styles such as industrial noise, experimental electronic, avantgarde, cut'n'paste, new classical, world electronic jazz etc. >> more info
12:10 18:10 Abonation,
KL, Malaysia
>> more info
12:25 18:25 Weaker,
>> more info
12:35 11:35 Leon Conrad,
London, England
Storyteller and Performance Poet. Leon will be presenting a live, virtuosic, entertaining performance of a fable from 'Aesop The Storyteller' recently published as book and CD. >> more info
12:40 11:40 The Heptonstall under 5's Ukulele Orchestra & Julian Brooks
Hebden Bridge, England
The orchestra, led by Claire Deakin, is a successful method of introducing group music making to small children.
Julian Brooks is a contemporary music producer with an interest in improvised electro-acoustic techniques.
12:55 17:55 Nuff Sum,
Nuff Sum will perform ethnic Indonesian hip hop. >> more info
13:00 12:00 MILES Lang,
London, England
spoken word >> more info
13:05 19:05 Izzy Mohamed,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
13:15 19:15 MARIONEXXES,
MARIONEXXES is a BMX band (BMX bikers making music)- Full Band Sound >> more info
13:30 19:30 Mohd Jayzuan,
Ipoh, Perak D.R, Malaysia
13:35 19:35 OPEN  
13:40 12:40 Pumajaw,
UK where?
13:55 19:55 Juliet Pang,
14:00 19:00 Bonita,
Jakarta, Indonesia

Bonita will perform 4 songs from Bonita's upcoming album, ARI, You cheer me up, It's over now, Jatuh Cinta
the acoustic trio are:
Bonita - vocal, shakers
Adoy - acoustic guitar, backing vocal
Bharata - djembe, percussions, backing vocal
>> more info

14:20 19:20 John Ordziniak & guests,
Surakarta / Java / Indonesia
Will be playing a kind of mix style between western folk, acoustic and javanese music.
John - acoustic guitar, voc.; Bego - flute; Jaya - voc
mas Irama - percussion
14:30 19:30 Noo-Pimpan Yatikorn,
Bangkok, Thailand
>> more info
14:40 20:40 zenlu,
Shenzhen city, Guangdong province, China
Experimental / Electronica /Ambient
14:50 14:50 Sebastian Dicenaire & Amélie Agut,
Frioul Island, France
will perform with a friend from a rock, in the midst of noisy seagulls.
14:55 13:55 Chris Dooks (Bovine Life),
Glasgow, Scotland
>> more info
15:00 20:00 jspdjanggo (Joseph Roberto),
Hip hop Rap with Music / Minus one (Indonesia and English)
Hip hop Rap with Beat Box (Indonesia and English)
Pop Acoustic guitar with vocal singing
15:05 20:05 dj nasa a.k.a Butmonkey,
>> more info
15:15 21:15 Jayalakshmi Sekhar,
15:30 19:00 shibu basheer,
vocal performance with backing track. Singing in Hindi.
15:45 19:15 Aparna Panshikar,
Will perform an Indian classical Raga composition. >> more info
16:00 19:30 Neecia Majolly,
Bangalore, India
vocal performance with guitar accompanyment.
16:05 19:05 Sketch,
Islamabad, Pakistan
Sketch, who are our only participating band from Pakistan will perform original songs >> more info
16:15 20:15 Lyudmila Quest,
Perm, Russia
16:20 19:20 12 Avenue,
Samara, Russia
young rock-band plays their songs about love, people and the world around.
16:30 18:30 Qutaiba,
Dubai, UEA
16:40 17:40 Bob Rambo/Kill What You Eat,
kill what you eat plays songs in as many genres as the talents of its members will allow. kill what you eat is an equal opportunity employer. kill what you eat thanks you for listening and hopes you enjoy the show.
16:50 17:50 Vitali Maembe,
Bagamoyo, TANZANIA
17:00 16:00 Adrian Searle,
Glasgow, Scotland
17:05 19:05 Kayta (cat campbell),
Moscow, Russia
>> more info
17:10 19:10 Arsel Baden,
Moscow, Russia
17:20 19:20 Alex Nadzharov,
Moscow, Russia
We are band playing all original music in jazz/fusion style. We are very interested in exploring new rhythms, the combination of latin and rock on the basement of traditional mainstream jazz musicianship
and elements of musical language, also involving any other new music styles we like. areas.
17:30 19:30 Angelika and Demons,
Moscow, Russia
EASY DEATH - christian gothic song
17:35 16:35 The Belfast Poet Group/ Aisling Doherty >>listen
Belfast N. Ireland
>> more info & www.aislingdoherty.com
17:40 16:40 The Mollies, >>listen
Stavanger / Edinburgh / Bristol
A group of most tuneful friends will sing a rendition of "In Dublin's Fair City" If you fancy singing along you can find the words >> here
17:43 19:43 Rock Idol,
Moscow, Russia
17:48 19:48 Raúl Diaz-Obregon
Will sing a song from a beach in the south of Spain. >> more info
17:52   OPEN (mini slot)  
17:55 17:55 fernando poo,
bologna italy
18:00 20:00 Altair, >>listen
Dmitrov, Moscow region, Russia
18:10 19:10 The Anger Boys,
Ramallah, Palestine
18:20 19:20 MC boikutt of ramallahunderground,
Ramallah, Palestine
18:30 17:30 The Harrachov Exchange, >>listen
Dilston Grove, London
A spokesperson for The Harrachov Exchange will provide a brief tour of the film installation, in song, for better or worse, until schedule pressures do us part. >> more info
18:35 17:35

Poppy Page & Guests,
Newport-on-Tay, Scotland

Poppy Page will host a party during Dial a Diva where her guests will contribute a wonderful mix of sounds from, 'kitchen walk brought to you by EM Radio, one minute of domestic electromagnetic sound', to a solo guitar number by 10 year old Otto Cox and a final few words from Poppy Page herself.
18:40 18:40 Tamsin Mac Carthy, >>listen
Cape Town, South Africa
Tamsin will be playing a few of her acoustic songs
from her soon to be released "Verdict to Roam" album.
Her songs are lyrical, evocative and have been
described as lullabies for the soul...
>> more info
18:50 18:50 Tu Nokwe,
jo'burg South Africa
18:55 18:55 Timbila Muzimba,
Maputo, Mozambique
Timbila Muzimba is a ten piece orchestra made up of Mozambican Xylophones (Timbila) and African Percussion fused with electric bass, drums and saxophone.
19:00 19:00 Aura Msimang Berton,
Johannesburg, South Africa
19:05 20:05 Ivan Zelenin & Prasnica,
Belarus, Gomel
19:15 19:15 The Midnight Reverie Trio, >>listen
Krakow, Poland
The Midnight Reverie Trio plays intense, introspective, carnivalesque melodies. They're a street circus band, waiting for their circus. >> more info
19:20 19:20 David Barnes,
Paris, France
performance poetry
19:25 18:25 samanta ray,
19:30 19:30 Maider & Xabi,
Basque Country (spain)
a duet from different locations in Euskadi.
19:35 20:35 Balkandji,
Sofia, Bulgaria
we will perform 7-8 pieces. Most probably unplugged, as I think it would sound better over a telephone line. We will have 2 acoustic guitars, bass, tamboura (that's similar to a mandolin), kaval (a sort of flute), possibly some kind of keyboard, 2 or 3 male voices
19:40 19:40 Zeus,
Johanesburg, South Africa
19:45 19:45 rizzy-rizz,
>> more info
19:50 19:50 papis cissokho,
Barcelona, Spain
19:55 19:55 Nenad Kojic,
Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia
20:00 20:00 Razvigore,
Belgrade, Serbia
Will perform traditional Serbian music. A song that is older than 100 years. >> more info
20:05 20:05 Mr. Clay,
Styria, Austria
20:10 20:10 Horkestar,
Belgrade. Serbia
"Choir and Orchestra - HORKESTAR from Belgrade, an Alternative, New wave, Rock, A'capella choir Collective. >> more info & more info
20:20 19:20 Björn Eriksson,
Sollefteå, Sweden
20:25 20:25 Srdjan Acimovic feat. Marko,
20:30 20:30 DIAL-A-DIVA

*** STAVANGER2008 ***
The wonderfully talented Helga Jacobsen cast a spell of the audience in Kult Kafeen to celebrate the half-way point of DIAL-A-DIVA's listening journey. We also had a great open mic session.
See what STAVANGER2008 who presented DIAL-A-DIVA as part of their YEAR OF THE VOICE activities are up to now they are European Capital of Culture.>> more info
21:00 21:00 Femme Digitale,
Stavanger, Norway
Direct from a Stavanger Hotel Room >> more info
21:10 21:10 SPUNK,
Oslo, Norway
Performing in their studio in Oslo
21:20 21:20 f.s. blumm,
Berlin, Germany
Will make a special back stage performance prior to performing in Hamburg.
21:25 21:25 Gijs ter Haar,
Amersfoort, Netherlands
English spoken word
21:30 21:30 Afro,
21:35 21:35 chauveau emy,
marseille france
performance poetry and pre-recorder remixed material
21:40 21:40 Neptor,
Liège, Belgium


21:45 21:45 Nelly,
Pristina, Kosova
will sing a song from the local culture
21:50 21:50 claus ankersen,
copenhagen, denmark
Spokenword all-star Claus Ankersen has been a leading force on the danish live-poetry scene since the turn of the millennium. >> more info &
21:55 20:55 SAINTRICK,
Brazzaville, Congo
>> more info
22:00 22:00 manojlo giraph,
malmo, sweden
jazzy experimental noise from malmö, sweden!
22:05 21:05 Paul Burnell,
London, England
>> more info
22:10 21:10 Djeliah,
London, England
Experimental poetic musician Djeliah, will perform La
vie en rose, a classic French love song by Edith Piaf. >> more info
22:15 22:15 Dirty Important Person,
22:20 22:20 lucille calmel,
reading dealing with 'lover dose', a text a no more lover ordered me two years ago, pasting of emails surfing tv novels & feelings (french most of the time), wherever i would be (office, bar, home, live, street, stage,,,) >> more info
22:25 21:25 Hugo Paquete,
Rio Tinto - Portugal
22:30 22:30 Graham Bell,
Valencia, Spain
22:40 22:40 mOnOpOtar,
Toulouse (France)
22:45 22:45 Michael Witkowski,
Sehnde, Region Hannover, Germany
22:50 21:50 FNAIRE,
the band will perform the single (hand's of henna) from their latest album YED EL HENNA. >> more info & more info
22:55 21:55 State City Disco,
London, England
>> more info
23:00 22:00 Nanobots, >>listen
Glasgow, Scotland
Nanobots are an electro-space-poprock Duo with guitars and a laptop. In the guise of tiny wee robots from space they construct songs from sounds which they then convert into shapes and purposes different from that for
which they were intended. >> www.nanobots500.com & myspace.com/nanobots500
23:10 23:10 Semuin, >>listen
Berlin, Germany
>> more info
23:15 21:15 Chemphe,
The Gambia
23:20 21:20 nyega delasi,
23:25 21:25 Sty-low, >>listen
Cote Divoire, West Africa
23:30 21:30 NAOFARI,
ABIDJAN, Cote Divoire
RAGGA  ROOTS     on  DRUM    BEAT  with  HARMONICA   sound...............................
23:35 21:35 Dembo Jobarteh,
The Gambia
singing 'Gambia Banko'. It's a song dedicated to the inhabitants and visitors of his country. >> more info
23:40 21:40 Guinea C,
The Gambia
will perform 'Salia'. Salia is a traditional song from Guinea, West Africa. >> more info
23:45 21:45 alla mouta, >>listen
23:50 21:50 MR.SMITH, >>listen
Accra Ghana
performing about LIFE IN "D" GHETTO
0:00 22:00 berglind agustsdottir, >>listen
Reykjavík, Iceland
>> more info
0:10 22:10 FM Belfast, >>listen
Sassy electro pop from Iceland >> more info
0:15 22:15 Barmmy Boy,
Freetown, Sierra Leone
0:20 22:20 Jah Youth,
The Gambia
0:25 22:25 Theophile Yanogo,
Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
Will sing a collection of protestant songs
0:30 22:35 Karma,
Côte d'Ivoire
0:35 20:30 Lost Insult,
Uummannaq, Greenland
Two guys from Greenland who wants their music to be heard all over the world. Music is our passion and life.
We play pop-punk our pop-rock and other stuff.
We're gonna do the acoustic versions of our songs.
We don't have a webside at this moment, but we have our myspace profile and that's what keeps us going.
We wish that some that we'll make it to world and get out of Greenland. >> more info
0:45 19:45 Clara V.,>>listen
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Just a girl and her guitar, playing some acoustic folk songs from some place in Buenos Aires >> more info
0:55 19:55 Tony Conrad, >>listen
New York, USA
>> more info
1:00 16:00 Susan Asbjornson, >>listen
Hermosa Beach, california, USA
WORLD PREMIER of "Red White & Blue" a contemporary opera produced by Susan Asbjornson >> more info
1:20 20:20 Nicolas Birriel,
Montevideo, uruguay
1:30 20:30 Federico Meyer,
Buenos Aires, Argentina
He is a guitarist, singer and composer. He was born in San Fernando, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has been taking part, in these last twelve years, in quite a number of musical groups, as a singer and player too. He is currently devoted to his proyect as a soloist, playing his own themes, as well as other author's works, especially of popular genre.
1:40 20:40 Valei, >>listen
Rosario, Argentina
>> www.valeivalei.com.ar &
1:45 20:45 Zanagoria Robóstica,
Cruce Florencio Varela, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Will be performing "Peter Handke visits a polyphonic kitchen", as a three piece mutant. >> more info
1:55 20:55 Coleco Music,
Buenos Aires, Argentina
We are a Bit pop projet. We mix our synth pop influences with all the rising 8 Bit culture
2:00 21:00 MC Gringo,
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2:10 21:10 Julieta Rimoldi,
Buenos Aires, Argentina
vocal performance with guitar accompanyment.
2:25 20:25 Gerald Schwartz,
New York, USA
2:35 20:35 Penn Kemp,
London, Ontario, Canada
This sound poem, "Night Orchestra" comes from Penn Kemp's cd with composer Bill Gilliam, From The Lunar Plexus.  Poet, performer, creator of Sound Operas, Penn has produced 25 books and ten cds: see pennkemp.ca and www.mytown.ca/pendas
2:45 20:45 Darling DeMaes,
Montreal, Quebec
The Darling DeMaes have a sound that’s precise, unique and evocative of their collective creative minds filled with irony, naivety, and bittersweet nostalgia… and an incomparable sensibility for delicate and complex melodies. For more info www.DarlingDeMaes.com & myspace.com/theDarlingDemaes
2:55 20:55 Wonderland,
Detroit USA
Wonderland "get live" >> more info
3:00 21:00 Antoine Corriveau,
Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada
will play solo. Antoines music is influenced by artists like Bob Dylan, Joseph Arthur, Neil Young and Jean Leloup. It is a kind of pop-folk-rock with a bit of electronica.
3:15 21:15 QUADITY-N-One,
Riverdale, Ga, USA
uadity-N-ONe's BABA MENTU RHEM BTAH-SIDD LAGHUT as he is called is the linguist of the group. A Powerful Chanter of healing tones and vibrations in many tongues The sounds though melodic are meant to heal and relink you to the Divine within. To ALL praises be. TO FREE DR. MALACHI Z. YORK HE IS INNOCENT!!!
3:25 21:25 Bernard Dewley,
Miami, Florida, USA
3:30 20:30 Charetta E. Jones,
Tennessee, USA
3:40 20:40 Daniel Roberts,
Chicago USA
3:45 20:45 The Smarts,
Minneapolis, USA
3:50 23:50 Admar Branco & Misael da Hora,
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
4:00 23:00 Sé que NO!,
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Four girls and one guy rocking live from Buenos Aires, full band sound! >> more info
4:20 21:20 Duplajt,
Guadalajara de Buga, Valle del Cauca
Spanglish rap
4:25 21:25 Katie Murphy,
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
4:30 22:30 Jana Hunter,
Baltimore, MD, USA
4:35 21:35 Sid Yiddish,
Evanston, Illinois USA
a bit of song, a bit of poetry & a bit of throatsinging, all mixed into a fine blend of beautiful weirdness. Sid Yiddish (vocals, throatsinging, shofar, other instruments) will be backed by $2 Cockroach: Lew Brickhate-electric guitar, backing vocals, Rat Niptik-bowed electric bass, backing vocals & Dr. Racnid-electronica, backing vocals. >> more info
4:50 21:50 Stacey LeGrange,
Oklahoma city, USA
5:00   OPEN
5:10 22:10 Mia Femme,
Bogotá, Distrito Capital Colombia
New Wave Electro diva >> more info
5:15 22:15 Diva Gash,
Bogotá, Distrito Capital Colombia
Disco, funk, electro music for dancing... >> more info
5:30 22:30 Heather Witherden,
Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA
5:35 23:35 Ivan Borda,
5:50   OPEN  
5:55 21:55 Mike Pashkja,
Calgary, Canada
6:00 21:00 Paco Ahlgren,
Ocean Breeze Inn, Pismo
Beach, California, USA
6:15 23:15 Independiente,
Bogotá, Distrito Capital Colombia
6:30 21:30 Josh Brenner,
6:35 21:35 Meredith Connie,
Tacoma, Washington, USA
6:45 22:45 Chris Alvarado,
Albuquerque New Mexico
7:00 21:00 Libby Roderick
Anchorage, Alaska USA
>> more info
7:15 22:15 Meri von KleinSmid,
Vancouver, Canada
>> more info
7:20 19:20 coulditbesimple,
Honolulu, HI
7:25   OPEN  
7:45 19:45 Owana Salazar - TBC,
Hawaii - USA
>> more info
7:55 19:55 Spencerobotix,
Hilo, Hawaii - USA
8:00 18:00 greg mqalcolm,
new zealand christchurch
8:15 18:15 Amira Porporina,
New Zealand
8:30   OPEN  
8:45   DIAL-A-DIVA team >>listen
the DIAL-A-DIVA team celebrates an amazing roller coaster ride! The final song is called DIAL-A-DIVA and was written by Chris that very evening and practiced in quiet moments over the night shift on home made instruments, guitar and tuned glasses. The full performing team includes Laura and Theresa at Intercall, Cat, Chris, Bert, Zoë, Greg, Petra, Mikael, Alben & Hege!
9:00   DIAL-A-DIVA 2007 complete :-),