Give Me A Reason To Live by Claire Cunningham

Sound Design & Score Zoë Irvine
Duration 40mins

Give Me A Reason to Live recorded at Festival Cement, Den Bosch, Holland, March 2014. Performed in black box theatre.

Inspired by the work of medieval Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch, particularly the role of beggars/cripples as possible symbols of sin, Give me a reason to live is a study in the notion and provocation of empathy.

A live memorial to the disabled victims of the Nazi Aktion T4 euthanasia program of the mid 20th Century, and disabled victims of the current UK government’s so-called ‘welfare reform’, Give Me a Reason To Live is a test of body, and of faith.

Choreographed and Performed by Claire Cunningham
Lighting Design: Karsten Tinapp
Sound Design: Zoë Irvine
Cello: Matthias Herrmann
Additional music: Nesciens Mater: Jean Mouton, Den Tod .: JS Bach
Costume: Shanti Freed
Mentors: Kristin De Groot (Bosch Project), Janice Parker (Scotland)
Production Manager / Re-Lighting: Gregor Knüppel
Supported by the Bosch 500 Foundation, Dance Umbrella, Comune di Bassano del Grappa, La Briqueterie, D.ID Dance Identity, Festival CEMENT (NL), Dansateliers Rotterdam, The Work Room (Glasgow) and Dance House (Glasgow).
Photographs: Maciej Rukasz

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