The Right to Privacy

Director Alice Nelson
Animation – Igloo Animation
DoP – Ian Dodds
Dialogue Recordist – Marcelo de Oliveira
Composer – Jim Sutherland
Sound Designer – Zoë Irvine

New Ten Commandments: The Right to Privacy takes a humorous approach to a serious subject. Produced by Lansdowne Productions and SDI Productions for BBC Scotland and Creative Scotland. The Right to Privacy was based on the story of one man and his relationship with his bike.

One of the joys of working with this animation was bringing a level of realism into the sound. I spent ages crafting just the right squeaky shoe sound, the perfect bike sounds, the lift, the bucket clanks, the sense of hallway, bathroom and corridor spaces. Jim Sutherland provided beautiful original music which combined with samples to provide more ‘genre’ moments of shock.

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Zoë Irvine