Travels Together is a radiophonic work on the trail of Alma Maximilane Karlin (1889-1950). Karlin was an extraordinary Slovenian traveller and writer. In the autumn of 1919 she set off on a global journey that was to last for 8 years including South Peru, Mexico, Japan, Korea, Borneo, Australia, New Zealand, Java, Thailand and India… Travels Together covers the beginning of the journey, as Alma leaves her home town of Celje in Slovenia, which was then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and attempts to take a ship to any far away destination which will have her. The work weaves extracts from the first chapter of Karlin’s book “Einsame Weltreise” (The Odyssey of a Lonely Woman) together with my journey in her footsteps. 

Extracts from Odyssey of a Lonely Woman read by Vivien Löschner. Other voices heard (in order of appearance): Assistant at Celje Tourist Office, Gerald Straub; Marijan Pusavec writer and librarian at Celje Central Library; A Keeper of Porkrajinski Museum, Celje; and members of the Ostercek family. 


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Zoë Irvine