The Edible Pet

Radio broadcast 38mins, commissioned by Radiophrenia 2016

The Edible Pet was created by Zoë Irvine and her son Logan, with contributions from family and friends in Edinburgh, N. Ireland and SW. France. A story that travels from pet keeping to dining table, taking in some back garden ethics, pet psychology, trans-species music making, dramatic mishaps, life, death and recipes.

There are some scenes of a graphic nature, this programme contains meat and may not be suitable for vegetarians.

Featuring in order of appearance: Daniel Manson, Rab Lendrum, Chloë Manson, Gilberte Manson, Juno Neil, Rebecca Palmer, Eva & Nicole, Logan Young, Alexia Allen, Doreen Young, Jill Lendrum, Michelle Davitt, Pauline Wilson, Morris Young, Robert Young, Osvanira Alves & Jane Hunter.

Extracts from A Household Book for Africa by E.G. Bradley read by Michelle Davitt.
Extracts from humane animal harvest video with Alexia Allen by Paul Wheaton.
Bird calls by Elise Rouanet & Aimé Souyri from ‘Charmeurs d’Oiseaux’

Original music by Zoë Irvine & The Galloanserae Experimental Ensemble.
Additional songs: Le Poulette Grise – Alan Mills; Poullette – Béatrice Maillet; Ain’t Nobody Here but us Chickens – Louis Jordan.

With love to Grandma and in memory of Jackie.


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Zoë Irvine